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tv   Reporter - Trash into cash Plastic waste in Haiti  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2018 6:15pm-6:31pm CEST

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today rivals what happened self-inflicted. ples game of the game won very emotional . you know that the emotions did the best a min. pretty much play the last two games with. last night's words while the cavs answer some of uncertainty the only question on warriors fans lips is whether this incredible team can make it three on the bounce next season. already you're watching t.w. news will have more news at the top of the hour but if you want right now through our website because. the school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people want justice but you are free come. now this picture was taken in belonging
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in. the photo was shot to prove what's going on in the central african republic would be that you know it's in an exercise post alongside many other photos of people who were abused raped of women and girls who gave birth to one wanted children out of their london edition of feel that. feel for the winning documentary starting june fourteenth on t.w. . plastic waste as far as the eye can see. the plastic bank is a social project that wants to prevent plastic from ending up in the ocean and on the streets. budgets and stuff works for the project which pays people to collect the garbage which is then we cycled. it's
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a battle to stop puerto ponce the capital of haiti from sinking in cottage. the idea is to for. pollution and poverty at once it certainly brings hope but is this really a feasible business model. for . all the trash that you see this you know can now basically come from the top where the canal is wider basically this canal one of the is if you can look at all around in the wide in anything it is just the fact that the community brings. tons of. trucks so durning just try to push the water back. i mean when i see it i see a cherry that while i want to see what i can do the cherry do want what does it
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take to change you know on. its own that's really what i see out while at sea wall i want to see what it takes to change it when i look at the scene only because this is good not i had. nicknamed the stime a river this is the tragic symbol of a city to running and trash. the air smells rotten there is no functioning garbage collection system and total cost which has to no million and habitants most trash lands on the streets and in the river. the plastic bank wants to prevent it from eventually ending up in the ocean. so it buys up plastic waste and recycles it. but it's early days for the social class to project. their collection points across the city which are funded by international funds. you richardson go stuff isn't charge of portal plus if you. do that. it's saturday afternoon.
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stuff is off to pay a visit to the collectors he wants to remain. in personal contact with them. the reason i mean now i'm really involved with picking up the plastic is because the collectors still much more secure with what they're doing when they see someone in charge gets involved in making sure that they're ok. governor richardson gustav was born and he grew up in the us. he came back after he was devastated by hurricanes and and i've quake. he wants to help his homeland to get back on its feet again. this is the grizz river this is where this is the where the water comes from the mountain up up with each of you when it comes down here over here as you can see where the smoke saw this is where
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all the garbage get down from ok so what i build with these guys is sort of like a corporates of also we have on this side right here we have a few ladies that collect the plastic from window dump truck come in dump the plastic so firsthand the get go they grab all the plastic materials out of the dog and let all the other good get the medal in the midst of like that in the have to leave the rest of the ones that can get degraded. on a spree we can just in goes to help collect the plastic himself. this is motivating to the other collectors for whom the money is not always incentive enough. the supply chain has to be stable so that social plastic becomes a profitable business model for the future. cast not doors guy and his family live right next to the company.
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but no not. collecting garbage is profitable. for him especially as he doesn't have to transport it himself. he gets four hundred fifty five gordon some six euros for the garbage that's today's wages. but it's barely enough for a family to live on. doesn't want his children to look like their father is a garbage collector. a tailor by training he makes all his daughter's clothes himself. he's been living here for six years war starts you do not mind living next to a garbage dump or worry i don't mind i earn enough money to make
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a living roof when you are just burn the rest of the garbage those are my collected plastics and. we have we have someone on the other side i don't know the river is kind of high so the crossing is not in the indian. but that doesn't stop them they cross the pond smelly water is. what the wow. well there was a lawyer after our. national look. at it. like . it's hot dirty work. the smoke bans their eyes and leaves the bitter taste and attracts.
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some of the garbage collectors complain they don't want to be filmed. they feel annoyed and humiliated at the same time. the cast not tries to pro-create them but he understands that feeling of humiliation. although. with. all the relief well we fret about. some of my relatives know that i collect garbage if you will for me really. but not all of it. always was it's all live well sure it could be a problem so that's why i only collect trash here. and that's why i always have a hood on your watch where you were born a girl. there were twelve for psyching scientists and puerto past he did.
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everything as weighed up and read just as. they say it will be recycled and turned into some people holes for instance plastic bank has the support of international companies. they also support the center financially. it's mainly girls and women who work here. denise is the manager for the quite a book a district. she's been working for the bank for some time now. she talks about the project's success. as i see madeleine. if we pass a glance to the plastic i mean we have a solar powered system now it's the children have learned to study the wall out of a. city so lay is one of the poorest districts in port au pass the importance of the centers here is clear. even fully as the
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mother of four children she's been working for the plastic bank for three years. apparent tie family collects garbage and enough money to pay the school fees which come to some three hundred euros a year. they now have to collect even more plastic because its price on the market has fallen. some three hundred families live in this camp. but. even as family lives in this heart. that's a low if we are she complains about the low price of plastic at the moment you. follow the women here i've got dreams and i thought the plastic would help us it's
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always got my husband doesn't have a job so he also collects plastic. my mother all of us about that we don't have much money but it helps us to collect plastic. that is if i could get another job i would love him at the moment we've only got plastic so we collect it. asked what she did before yvonne says she sold goods on the side of the. treat that she'd like to do that again so that. the process of plastic is dependent on the price of natural gas when it's as low as now it doesn't pay off to recycle. which it's a. visit schools to teach children about the problem of plastic waste. just out of their. little decidability five year.
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dave barry says a plastic bottle. of water or juice. that we. want to eat do with it. without the gravity the children reply and put it in the garbage can the. kids not to risk his daughter is in this class she's able to go to school thanks to her father's job with the plastic bank that's exactly what do we do with a plastic bottle. to me this project means life because it brings if brings another this way brings another light into our community and brings another light into the families that we get involved with it brings our life into everyone soul to me this project means live in means to live in means the dream it means to love it means there anything you know so that's why we put out everything in it to try to get everyone to get involved in the in this project to see how we
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can get people to just recycle the plastic and give up on warning to the ocean keep it in warn it's our streets it's our streams in you know just try to live to see a better world you know. the big goal is a clean ocean and a bit of cash thanks to social plastic it's a great idea that may take some time to implement. syllabary my dear friends why. felix you qualify paul van dyke. three german d.j. superstars does it get any more mystic. come on him to crystal's backstage
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parties and a place where no one attain stardom just like the. puppets for next deal . i'd like to muse went on a diet. i have to exercise to slim down. more current what should i avoid. and how can i cook healthy meals we're focusing on how to numerous weight how to cook and eat healthy. eating good shooting in sixty minutes on t.w. . earth a home for saving global india's tell stories of creative people and to innovate of projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global ideas mean by a series of global three thousand on d w and online. tend to accidentally
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shed some fake news again. the trouble is. spending time in the filter bubble. how can you get out. within the code oh a series. of. shifts this week on g.w. . welcome to the special edition of pop export deejays like felix again alice. and fun dyke regularly topped the international charts and headlined dance festival
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lineups around the world we accompany the three men at their international gigs superstar d.j.'s played in germany.


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